[THOR] Loki&Thor

15 Coupling Icons

→ 77 Supernatural [various episodes from the latter half of Season 4]
→ 12 Pushing Daisies [3 animated]
→ 8 Flight of the Conchords [all animated]
15 Coupling (UK version) [2 animated]
→ 6 Hot Fuzz [3 quotes]
→ 10 Stock [food + flowers]
= 128 ICONS + 1 Supernatural (Dean) Wallpaper

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Fairytale Princess Amy

Request for icon

I need a nice icon of the Jane/Therapist conversation:

"I thought that was an exercise to help me cope with rejection."
"No, that was rejection."

I had in mind an animated icon with pictures of both of them, but I don't think I'm fussy.