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TV Comedy Series "Coupling"

Fans of the British (and even the American) Comedy Series

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This is a community to discuss the British romantic comedy series Coupling, as well as the NBC American series which briefly aired in Fall of 2003.

Users are asked to post "Spoiler" in the subject and use LJ cut tags for episodes that may not have yet been seen by our world-wide members (to be sure, cut anything discussing the latest series).

The moderators are classytart, compugeek2001 and lordandrei. Contact them if you have anything to ask, or leave a comment on this entry.

This is a community to discuss a TV show. You will be asked to remove off-topic posts (though we're forgiving if it's at least faintly related to the show). Spam and "adult content" will be removed as soon as a moderator can get to it, it will be reported as spam, and the user will be banned. That said, we're terribly friendly, pretty hands-off, and welcome new people, just not spammers or trolls.

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